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Posted on June 17, 2013 by Michael Bird

We had the chance to visit the shop of Tracy Customs recently and have a discussion with it's founder Tommy Tracy to talk about his shaping process, love for skating and his inspiration to keep going.


APV: Why didn't you guys call me last night?
TT: Phone works both ways buddy.

APV: It's no secret that there are a ton of skateboard brands out there. What makes Tracey Customs different?
TT: There are a lot of companies out there and I'm sure I'm not aware of all of them but the thing I can say is that if you get one of my boards your getting a one of a kind hand crafted piece that so far people are just as happy to hang on their wall as they would be to ride it around town.

APV: Why did you start making your own skateboards?
TT: I have been a skateboarder all my life and I make my living as a carpenter and I guess I just sort combined my interest in woodworking with my love for skateboarding.

APV: Would you say that your boards are retro inspired? They've got that stripped back, smooth aesthetic.
TT: They are absolutely retro inspired.

APV: Where does that come from?

APV: What inspires you? Where did you find the inspiration for your latest batch?
TT: I'm inspired by skateboarding and woodworking.

APV: Tell us about the most difficult part of the process?
TT: The most difficult part of the process is just finding the time. I work full time as a carpenter so I do this on nights and weekends.

APV: You to made a bodysurfing handplane for us. How did it compare to making a one of your boards?
TT: Yeah the hand plane was cool. A lot of the process was the same or similar. The big difference was that I had to do a lot of hand shaping. I like doing that kind of's fun.

APV: What's your idea of success for the your brand?
TT: This is something that I do because I like doing it.  I guess success is being able to make living doing what you love so I suppose that if I could make a living doing my own thing then I would be content.


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